After working together for years, Denny Tincher and Robbie Hebert have put together a program that can be done anywhere, is easy to use, and is specific to the needs of softball pitchers.  It takes only 20-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  
Here is what Denny says about the program.  "I have been sending young pitchers to Robbie for several years.  When he develops their specific plan, within a few months they perform as if they matured two years."
Robbie says he likes working with Denny because of the amazing number of D1 pitchers he produces.  "If we help develop proper movement patterns, I know he will take care of their motion and mechanics.  We see so many new kids with issues that keep them from being able to move efficiently during each pitch, and that often leads to injuries." 
What are the main issues?
  •  She is strong in the wrong places
  •  She has developed muscle imbalances from relying on the wrong parts of the body.
  •  Many kids have flexibility issues that prevent a fluid, dynamic, and explosive delivery.
  •  So many have poor body awareness that prevents activation of key muscles
Denny Tincher is the President of Tincher Pitching, an organization that leads the nation in producing college pitchers, helping new students overcome injuries, and developing pitchers who win at every level.  

Denny explains more about his view on the program:

Knowing the time constraints faced by pitchers, we wanted to design a program based on years of study with our trainers, which will allow pitchers to take it to the next level.  We asked our strength coaches to keep it simple while attacking the issues we see most.  

We know these pros very well.  When our kids work with these strength coaches for a few months, the results on the mound  give the impression they have suddenly matured 2 years.  They adjust more quickly, easily, and with beautiful results.  Often these trainers help us with new students who arrive with injuries.  Changes in form are paramount.  Strength alone will only make stronger dysfunctional movements.  When form is correct, then they need the strength and flexibility to hold the body in proper positions. 
Denny Tincher working with a student
The SPN Pitcher Program will allow her to train during any season and regardless of the extra sports she may be playing.  We will develop core, strong stabilizers, and prime movers that are explosive, but flexible.  Our functional, ground based training methods will incorporate speed, strength, and flexibility movements, so that your muscles will maximize motor unit recruitment making you more mobile and powerful.  

Players will be able to train with less of a chance of hitting a plateau in the program.  Since movements in softball do not isolate muscles in one plane of motion, training will focus on complex, multi-joint exercises through various planes of motion.  

The program is simple. 

3 days a week is all you need, but you can adjust it if you like. It can be done anywhere and takes just 20-30 minutes a day. 

The only tools you will need are a foam roller, resistance band, and a mini band, all available on our site. 
(Click the image below to get your foam roller, resistance band and mini bands) 

So, turn up the music and get to work!
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